Must Have Got Lost…

So, my satellite tv crapped out on me on Jan. 23.

DirecTV could not fix it until Jan. 31. Yes. January 31st.

To help pass the time, my friend Steph loaned me Seasons 1 and 2 of LOST. I quickly watched and traded in Season 1 for Season 3, which I am now almost finished watching.

Even though the dish has been fixed for 4 days, I’m still watching.

I’ll be picking up Season 4 tomorrow.

How come nobody told me that there were HOT HOT HOT guys on this island, huh???????


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  1. Daniele says:

    So true!! Although Sawyer really needs a hair cut by the end of Season 4!! Ha Ha.

    My father gave my husband and I Season 1 and bugged us until we watched it. Yep – you know how the story goes from there! It’s on tonight, YAY, although you can’t watch it until you catch up!

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