The Jury Is Still Out On This One….

Have you ever been to a juried craft show?

Perhaps I have been to them before and was unaware, but I had high expectations for the craft show I went to with Erin yesterday afternoon at Anna Maria College.  I figured that since the show was juried, there would be a great selection of different types of crafts and that it would be hand crafted lovelies at every corner.

Ummmmm…not so much.  Well, to be honest, most of the stuff really was nice, but there was LOTS of duplication and overlap on the represented crafts.  Many jewelry designers, several woodworkers, several candle makers, lots of quilting and sewn items, plenty of fleecy type things, some handcrafted dolls, hand painted glassware and finally, the fibery stuff.

Good Lord.  It’s no wonder that hand knit and crocheted items have such a huge stigma to overcome.  If all the muggles are seeing for handmade items is the stuff at craft fairs, well it’s just not fair.  I haven’t seen this much fun fur outside of the Lion Brand aisle at A.C. Moore.  Seriously.  It was on felted bags, scarves, hats, mittens, flip flops, slippers, and blankets.  Every time I came across (yet) another new table with FF, I died a little bit more inside.  Please don’t get me started on the squeaky acyric baby items.  They were almost enough to reduce me to tears.  These items made me particularly sad as the workmanship was lovely, but the yarn was beyond bearable to me.  I would never dream of swaddling a wee babe in that scratchy stuff when there are quality washable fibers available.  Oh!  And there was even a vendor selling those knitted yoke sweatshirts.  You know the ones…they cut the yoke off of a raglan crew neck sweatshirt and then knit a fair isle yoke to replace it…

Are you KIDDING me?

Are you KIDDING me?

These are not the sweatshirts that were there, just a random internet picture.  The ones at the fair had fair-isle yokes knitted onto them.  Erin and I got a good charge out of these as we had just about died laughing when we spotted an ancient pattern for them several years ago on a weekend knitting retreat in Northern NH.

Like I said, there was some nice stuff, and I did buy some handmade car air fresheners along with some bubble gum scented hand sanitizer and a handmade kissing ball that is really so much nicer than others I have seen, so the day wasn’t a total loss.  It was just a bit disappointing as far as the representation the fiber world appears to be getting with the general masses.  It’s making my desire to do some craft shows all the more overwhelming, if you know what I mean!

We spent the rest of the day by having lunch at Moe’s (which of course included a pitcher of Moe-ritas) and a trip to The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley, finshing up with some ‘Bux lattes from the B&N cafe.  Overall, we had a fabulous afternoon together, thanks Erin!


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2 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    Those sweatshirts are priceless. I would also definitely like to find a “really good” craft fair one of these days with a low lameness factor.
    Thanks to YOU too my dear for a fun day.

  2. Daniele says:

    Well…..the novelty fun fur stuff is definitely not for me either. It’s not even fun to knit with anyway. And, I never even heard of knitting a fair isle yoke onto a SWEATSHIRT! That’s just not right! It seems like we all better start contributing to the craft fairs or the muggles will have won…. 🙂

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