What A Crock!

My first foray into crock pot cooking:



I had my doubts while it was cooking…First, I had to transfer it from Erin’s borrowed crock pot to my 6-quart roaster oven because the crock was so full I couldn’t even fit the potatoes in!  Second, I didn’t use the burgundy the recipe called for, I had a bottle of Lambrusco in the house already, so I used that (at least the recipe said that any red, fruity wine would do.  Lambrusco is certainly red, and it’s most definitely fruity!).  Third, the recipe was intended to be prepared in the oven.  Not a crock pot.  So I was really winging it…

The outcome?

Success! Totally awesome stew.  And that isn’t just because I made it.

The Recipe?  Kinda sorta the Hearty and Rich Beef Stew from the New England Soup Factory cookbook by Marjorie Druker (bastardized to be cooked in a crock pot).  I used tenderloin tips instead of stew meat (I had some that had been a free gift from Omaha Steaks with purchase) and regular Idaho potatoes instead of red bliss.  I also omitted the garlic (whoops!  I forgot it) and the final 2 cups of wine (it just would not fit in the cooker!)

So, we’ve now got enough beef stew for a few lunches and a couple of dinners.  It’ll definitely help in not eating out so often!

BTW: The N.E. Soup Factory is my fave place for luch throughout the fall and the winter.  When I finally leave my current job, I will miss this place more than I’ll be missing my job, that’s for sure!  The spicy chick pea and butternut squash soup is TO DIE FOR!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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  1. Erin says:

    Glad it turned out well! It looks great!

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